YOU MUST KNOW IT prior to doing YOGA.

Are you thinking about beginning in the practice of Yoga or have you been here for a brief time? This video is for you! The practice of yoga is a fantastic tool to be able to slowly enhance our lives in numerous elements, we exceed a gorgeous posture. In this video I share 8 necessary things that you ought to understand to have a much better start and above all have a much better concept of what you are going to discover and perhaps experience. Invite to this brand-new start in your life and I hope your stay is enjoyable and you choose to remain for a very long time in the business of Yoga. “The initial step does not take you where you desire, however it takes you from where you are” Namaste #ViridianaYoga #YogaPrincipiantes # 8things Video material: 00:00 8 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE DOING YOGA 00:13 Yoga is for everybody 00: 58 Go bit by bit. Never ever remain in a rush 02:46 Yoga is NOT magic 03:51 The finest yoga is the one you do off the mat 06:16 Your body is ideal 07:15 Competition vs Cooperation 08:40 Get a premium mat 09:34 Yoga in line vs Yoga Center 03:15 Start Here. Your very first Yoga class. Excellent class and suggestion

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