Yoga to Stretch and Strengthen the Hips + Relaxation|30 Min-Pri Leite

Think of a terrific series for those who like a hip extending? That’s it! Standing pigeon (and sitting too!) When you strolled in, and lizard position are a warranty of a good warm up in the hips to leave the mat feeling a thousand times much better than. Shall we extend those hips and leave this class sensation lighter? We will? From my heart to yours, Pri. 00:00 Welcome 00:35 Hip Circles 01:33 Stretch 02:00 Standing Pigeon 04:40 Lizard Pose 06:30 Lord of the Fish 08:25 Lizard Pose 10:30 Lord of the Fish 11:55 Dog taking a look at down 12:50 Pigeon position 16:55 Downward pet 17:15 Pigeon position 21:40 Downward pet 22:13 Sitting butterfly 23:35 Savasana 29:45 Farewell Sign up to get my Weekly Letter from the Heart + Yoga Calendar, all FREE! Gain access to my unique PODCAST + 60 minutes LESSONS. + Special SERIES at Yoga Co.:|Assistance the channel Maybe your concern has actually currently been addressed here: Yoga Co. Health Ltd advises that you consult your doctor prior to taking our classes or taking part in any workout program. When taking part in any workout there is a possibility of physical injury. By taking part in this workout or workout program you concur that you do so willingly and presume all danger. The activity needs to be stopped right away and look for assistance from a health specialist if signs appear throughout or after.

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