Yoga Nidra Singing Bowls|Sound bath for overall calm & deep meditation

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** About This Sound Bath **.

✨ Yoga Nidra, likewise called Yogic Sleep, is a meditation practice where you’re brought into a state of unified, peaceful, being. The in-between state of mindful awareness and sleep. A state of slowed brain activity and where the body enters into the natural recovery stage.

✨ This sound bath was created to bring you to this in-between state and keep you there with mild taps and musical assistance. I welcome you to close your eyes, kick back, unwind and enjoy your journey into deep meditation.

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* Disclaimer *=============================================.
Recovering Vibrations items and experiences remain in no other way a replacement for conventional medication. We look for to help with physical and psychological recovery through strategies that are created to unwind the body and relax and produce a state of mindfulness and reflection. Through relaxation and mindfulness, the body’s natural recovery procedures are enhanced and sped up.

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