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Nadi Shodhan Pranayama Yoga for weight gain/ Yoga for Weight Gain If anything abnormal is occurring in the body then it is required to see where we are doing the incorrect thing that our body is doing. If the body is extremely thin, weight is not increasing, then for enhancement in this instructions, it is likewise required to see how the diet plan needs to be arranged/ exists any disruption in the regular, what is the psychological condition Then if there is any hereditary factor, then how to follow it – after taking notice of all these subjects, we need to have some such points in front of us, by enhancing which we can quickly improve lead to this instructions, in addition to practicing yoga. Will be particularly useful in the issue of not putting on weight – Many times an individual believes that exercises will even more decrease the weight, however it is not so, practicing yoga for an appropriate time period will certainly enhance the issue of not putting on weight – Yoga practice With this, the discharge of endocrine glands will likewise enhance and the body will be well balanced, then there will be no other illness and weight can likewise be increased quickly – unique details has actually been shared through this video for awareness in this matter. Will certainly work for you Watch and follow Prayers for all … Connect with Yogi Varunanand on other locations too Yogi Varunanand Instagram @yogivarunanand yogivarunanand/ Yogi Varunanand App #yogaforweightgain #weightgain #sanatanhathayoga @YogiVarunanand

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