What We Consumed Today! #PlantBased #KidFriendly #Vegan Meals dish information in description

what a common day of consuming appear like as a plant-based household!.

BREAKFAST– green juice + a little green apple is the ideal method to present mineral abundant leafy greens and veggies into your kiddos’ gut microbiome to assist them establish a taste buds for them.

… and the ideal counterbalance is a fruity shake bowl abundant in anti-oxidants and vitamins! the kids go nuts for hemp seeds and cashew butter, which worked as the ideal healthy fats for garnishes.

TREAT– a fresh plate of fruit is nature’s fruit treat! postpone the ultra processed and improved sweet foods as long as possible so your kids can determine what real sweet taste tastes like!

LUNCH– we enjoy utilizing chickpea pasta bc it’s SO high in protein and iron, and the cheeze sauce was used cashews, spices, and non-fortified dietary yeast (naturally high in B vitamins, protein & iron).

TREAT– strawberry banana oat muffins made from scratch and crammed w/ healthy carbohydrates, fats and protein, and after that kale chips, the ideal crunch-satisfier that isn’t filled w/ seed oil and trans fats!

SUPPER– oil-free (un) fried rice w/ baked tofu and sautéed veggies. there is so much taste in this meal I can’t even describe it! it’s likewise high in protein + iron, minerals + vitamins!

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