What I Now Understand About Fasting & Keto After 7 Years

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Join Thrive Market Today to get 30% Off Your First Order AND a Free Gift Worth as much as $60!
1:48 – Why Does Fasting Work for many People?
7:16 – You Can Do Fasting & Still Overeat Calories
9:08 – Break Your Fast with Protein
10:23 – Early Time-Restricted Feeding
16:08 – Hormetic Stressors
19:40 – Thomas’ Diet Philosophy
25:14 – Keto & Physical Performance
39:02 – Balancing Family Life
42:02 – Benefits of Lemon in Your Water
47:30 – Is Thomas Always in a Calorie Deficit?
51:38 – Side Effects of Being Too Lean
54:36 – What Does Thomas Eat as a “Treat”.

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