What I Consume 7 Years Raw Vegan Diet Plan

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About Fitshortie:.

On the raw food way of life, Simon & Tina consume primarily fruits, seeds, veggies, and nuts. Tina has actually lost 70 pounds and Simon lost 50 pounds of excess weight on the raw food diet plan. Tina has actually gotten rid of 20+ years of psychological consuming (Read her totally free eBook here: https://bit.ly/3qtmMUI/).

Simon & Tina live a 100% raw food vegan way of life at https://www.fitshortie.com. Taking a trip to the most remote jungles of our world they have actually recorded their journey on Instagram and Youtube where their experiences are delighted in by countless individuals worldwide!

They are the developers of The 30-Day Raw Food Challenge https://fitshortie.com/30daychallenge/, the health & weight-loss program created to assist you reach your ideal weight & amazing health without calorie limitation.

The Fitshortie channel consists of videos on tropical fruits, raw food, travel, life hacks, weight-loss and how to live your dream life!

When Simon aka Chippy looked up #fruitarian and was allured by Tina’s juicy fruit images, our experience started on Instagram. Half a year later on, when in Bali, he recommended a meet-up. Inseparable because that very first conference, together they ended up being pressing in the hunt for the rarest best-tasting fruits in the world.

Disclaimer: We are not physicians. Please constantly speak with your physician for your own health requirements and requirements. The info shared is based upon our individual experience.

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