What Does Professor Tim Spector Eat in a Day?

Ever questioned how carrying out the world’s biggest continuous research study of nutrition effects what you consume? Well, question no more as ZOE’s Scientific co-founder @tim. spector welcomes us into his house to share his go-to meals to nurture his distinct biology.

The secret here is that to support your gut health, what you consume must alter daily! While Tim’s scrumptious dishes may influence you, the genuine magic is at the end when he shares his leading 4 pointers that everybody can carry out for a much healthier diet plan.

Let us understand what you considered Tim’s meals down below and make sure to subscribe for more insights into the meals that power the ZOE Team.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:34 – Breakfast
3:01 – Lunch
5:52 – Dinner
7:57 – Tim’s 4 Key Tips

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