Ultimate LEGO Cooking Showdown: Healthy vs Junk Food Challenge!

Welcome to the Ultimate Healthy and Junk Food Challenge on the LEGO Cooking channel! In this amazing episode, we put healthy and processed food to the test as our LEGO chefs take on in a hectic cooking face-off. Prepare to witness the impressive fight in between healthy meals and alluring junk food deals with.
Healthy vs Junk Food Challenge!|LEGO Cooking Showdown: Fast Food vs Nutritious Meals
Caution: This is not genuine, not for kids.
Do not attempt in the house! All efficiencies are scripted material. All acts or stunts have actually carried out in a regulated and expert environment where nobody is hurt.

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Editor & Sound designer – Cuong Do.
Production Designer – Nguyen Vu.
System Developer – Mai Dao.
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