STRONGEST BELLY FAT BURNER DRINK LOSE 15KG | 30LBS IN 2 WEEKS | #strongestbellyfatburner

STRONGEST BELLY FAT BURNER DRINK LOSE 15KG | 30LBS IN 2 WEEKS | #strongestbellyfatburner

Welcome to Pinks Kitchen, my food blogging channel. Here you can watch all Indian, continental ,Mexican, Arabian ,Mediterranean, Chinese recipes with my twist to it. This video shows steps to make basil Tea Recipe.
This Drink is an easy and quick recipe made with basil leaves along with some ingredients like palm sugar which is healthy drink. This basil Tea is easy to cook and will be very tasty and healthy for all occasions like festivals, functions, parties. I have clearly voiced the each steps basil Tea recipe along with this video, you can also pause whenever you want to cook along this video. If you like this cooking video, Please subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends. Do try all our recipes and share your comments below.

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Cumin Seeds: 1 Tsp
Bay Leaf: 1 Leaf
Lemon: 1 Nos

1. Today lets check out how to make a very trending and effective weight loss drink that helps to cut your belly fat. Very easy to make with a very few ingredients so lets quickly check out the ingredients and get started.
2. Today I have taken 1 lemon. Cut them into halves and squeeze out the juice. We will be using both the lemon peel and the juice to make this healthy drink. Lemon on the other hand boots metabolisms and thus helps in weight loss. Lemon also helps in reducing the calorie intake.
3. Heat a sauce pan and to this add 1 cup of water. keep the flame in medium till the end. When the water comes to a boil, add the lemon peel and let this boil for 2 minutes. Lemon peel has a high nutritional value, support oral health, high in antioxidants, has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties, boosts your immune system, promotes heart health and has anticancer properties.
4. Then to this add 1 tsp of cumin seeds. Let this again boil for 2 minutes. Cumin seeds has a lot of health benefits. It is an excellent source of antioxidants known to help boost the immune system and prevent conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It controls blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and fights against bacteria and parasites. It can treat diarrhea and very helpful for weight lose and improves your digestion.
5. Then to this add 1 bay leaf. Let this again boil for a minute. Bay leaf on the other hand are rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, They help in treating migraine. Bay leaf contains enzymes that help to breakdown proteins. It helps in digestion, thus helps in weight loss.
6. Now off the flame and add the extracted lemon juice. Let this rest for a minute. Drink this 10 minutes before going to bed. Also make sure to have your dinner before an hour to drinking this fat cutter drink. This drink improves your metabolism while you are in sleep and cuts down the belly fat.
6. This drink is more efficient when you maintain a proper diet throughout your day and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
7. Very easy to make and a very healthy drink. This drink a day boosts your immunity, so do try this fat cutter drink at your home and write back to me your feedback.
8. Happy Cooking!!

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