Strawberry Snack|easy, vegan & quick

This tasty and rejuvenating strawberry treat with simply 100 calories has the possible to end up being a brand-new spring preferred! It’s extremely fast to prepare and tastes extremely great;-RRB- Ingredients: 4 strawberries 1 rice cake 1 teaspoon vanilla 100g unsweetened soy yoghurt 50g dark chocolate (90%) or sugar-free chocolate Coarse salt How it works: Cut the strawberries into little pieces and blend with the rice cake, vanilla and Mix in soy yoghurt. Location 4 cookies with a spoon on a piece of baking paper and location in the freezer till company. It does not need to be frozen, however need to have a company consistency. Microwave chocolate for a minute and dip the “cookies” in it. Fine-tune with coarse salt and take pleasure in:-RRB-.

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