Satsang – Kirtan, Mantra and Arati with Patrik – Yoga Vidya Live, April 8th, 2023, 7:00 a.m

Om! You will experience meditation, mantra, kirtan, and arati in this live satsang with Patrik as if you existed at the Yoga Vidya Ashram, Bad Meinberg. Find out yoga practice, experience mantra, kirtan and meditation recitation, arati and a lot more. Take pleasure in the spiritual routine and spread out the consistency by sharing the video with others. In this method you actively assist to spread out yoga worldwide. You can likewise support us with a contribution. You assist to keep our association alive. Thank you for your charity and for attending our Satsang. ⚠ Subscribe to our channel so you do not miss out on a live lesson. ➡ You can contribute here ► ⬅ ➡ OUR ONLINE OFFER ⬅ Our online workshops ► Our video workshops ► The live program ► ➡ Sign up here: ⬅ Follow us on our other online channels: ⚛ Facebook: ⚛ Instagram: Om Shanti.

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