Predator Mashed Potatoes, KETO Mashed Potatoes – These Faux-tatoes Are Beyond GOOD!

I like MASHED POTATOES however predator mashed potatoes didn’t exist previously and KETO mashed potatoes dishes never ever tasted pleased or best me.

Now you can have mashed potatoes on the KETO DIET and CARNIVORE DIET that really taste like genuine mashed potatoes!

Most importantly, my mama was here to be and assist part of my video. State “hi Pam” in the remarks and let her understand where you’re viewing from! She likes that example.

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These faux-tatoes are high fat, high protein, and absolutely predator. Follow this dish precisely if you endure dairy. This can be done with chicken bone broth and no dairy by leaving out all cheeses and the cream if you can’t. It’s not as excellent and does not actually taste like mashed potatoes, however it is a choice if you wish to experiment. All spices are optional!

And do not forget to make my predator gravy dish to opt for them. Here’s that video:

If you’re splitting fresh eggs to get the egg whites for this, conserve those yolks for my predator brioche dish, here (do not hesitate to include additional yolks to it for a fattier bun):.


You’ll likewise require my toasted beef gelatin dish here:.

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Toasted Beef Gelatin for KETO and CARNIVORE RECIPES.

Mashed Potato Recipe listed below.

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Predator Mashed “Potatoes” Recipe:.

Active ingredients.

1 stick butter (1/2 Cup, or 8 Tbsp).
32 oz egg whites (25-30 whites).
1/2 tsp salt.
1/8 tsp garlic powder (optional).
2 oz cream cheese.
2-3 oz fresh mozzarella.
1 tsp Parmesan cheese.
2 Tbsp sour cream.
2 tsp toasted beef gelatin.
1 Tbsp routine beef gelatin.
1/2 tsp white pepper (optional).
1-2 Tbsp egg white powder.
Whipping cream for mixing as required.


Melt butter over medium/low heat in non-stick frying pan. Include egg whites, salt, and optional garlic powder. Scramble egg whites separating into little pieces while stirring. Continue cooking egg whites till all liquid has actually dried up in the pan leaving crumbly eggs and recurring butter fat. Utilize low heat to prevent browning the eggs. Get rid of from heat and leave in frying pan to remain warm monetarily.

Include cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan, sour cream, toasted gelatin, plain gelatin, and optional white pepper to mixer. Include hot eggs on top. Turn mixer on low. Utilizing pusher through open hole in cover, continue motivating egg mix to mix. Stop mixer regularly and utilize a spatula or other tool to pop air bubble and continue mixing if no cover opening and/or pusher is readily available. , if mix is too dry to mix include heavy cream 2-3 Tbsp at a time and continue pressing mix down into mixer blades till mix begins to mix.. Usage as little cream as possible to make this occur. If adjustable, gradually increase speed to high. If not, boost is whatever increments readily available till mixing on high. Mix needs to easily stream into blades and mix however need to stay as dry and thick as possible.

When mix ends up being a smooth cohesive mixed mix taste for salt. If you want, include more. Include egg white powder on leading and mix well into mix. Stop mixer, stir to guarantee there are no swellings or dry powder and mix once again on high for 10-20 seconds. Get rid of mix to serving bowl.

If preferred, leading mash with more melted butter, flavorings, bacon and sour cream, or whatever garnishes you like on mashed potatoes. Serge instantly.

If cooking with these mashed potatoes (i.e. shepherds pie, and so on), do not include egg white powder at the end as this will set the potatoes securely if prepared even more.

To reheat remaining mash, heat 30 seconds at a time, stirring well each time, till hot. Stir well and serve.

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