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Hi, my name is Callie and I’m a qualified Pilates and Barre trainer and accredited holistic health coach. As a previous competitive figure skater who battled with body image and persistent injuries, I fell for low-impact “circulation” type exercises, like Pilates and barre. After investing several years feeling puffed up, low energy and dissuaded, I recognized the power of listening to how your body feels before/during/after your exercise. Not just do you see physical outcomes through doing the ideal workouts for you, however you likewise see psychological outcomes! Integrating my preferred transformative body and mind practices, I’ve produced my own strategy of motion: an empowering mix of inspirational affirmations, Pilates, and barre design workouts:-RRB- I hope u delight in!!!


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✨ Download my FREE Pilates starter guide! https://stan.store/imsweatyandiknowit/imsweatyandiknowit_store/page/47526

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