No one thinks that there is no meat in them! Juicy veggie hamburger dish! Vegan dish

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No eggs and no meat! Juicy Veggie Burger – Fresh Recipe. Mix all the active ingredients and you’re done! No one can think that this dish includes no meat! Excellent veggie hamburger dish! Vegan dishes – a healthy dish! Delicious mushroom dish! There are a great deal of mushrooms in these cutlets! The hamburger is juicy and tender! Potatoes and mushrooms – hamburger dish! Delicious lunch dish! Your visitors will not think it’s 100% vegan! This dish suffices for a big business! You can prepare a vegan lunch and surprise everybody! Cutlets can be prepared thin, put a lettuce leaf on top of the cutlet and cover with bread! There will be a fantastic hamburger! This is a quite simple dish! Delicious veggie dish! All active ingredients need to be grated and blended! That’s all! Delicious and healthy veggie dishes! Prepare this vegan hamburger with me and compose your remark about how you like this dish! Active ingredients: Potato 600 gr. Carrots 1-2. Prepare up until tender. Mushrooms 500 grams. 1/2 onion. parsley or cilantro. Turmeric. Salt. Black pepper. Paprika. Garlic. Coarse flour 150 g. Mix well! veggie fat. Fry for 10-12 minutes on each side. Cover with a cover. Satisfying and extremely delicious! Enjoy your meal! Register for the channel Rate the video! It is crucial and enjoyable for me to establish the channel! Put your thumbs up and do not forget to comment. Share this video with your pals on socials media. The dish will be conserved in your profile! Thanks quite! Fresh dishes – cook healthy! #Fresh _ Recipe #Recipe #VeganRecipes

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