Mari Keto EP2 What to Eat When Out?

Here’s Episode 2 of Mari Keto Sg! When out (we consume out ALL the time!), we’ve been getting so lots of concerns on what we consume on a day-to-day basis and what to consume We chose to take you on a keto hawker centre journey! Keep in mind that all these food options likewise use to halal foods so do not hesitate to buy Nasi Padang without nasi or chicken/duck/mutton soup/insert whichever non-cab halal meal! Attempt not to consume the screen enjoying this and ENJOY!!!

Here is likewise a list of food easily offered in many hawker centres around Singapore. This list is extremely fundamental and do take a look at MyFitnessPal or Healthy365 or Google for carbohydrate counts!

Half boiled Eggs
Yong Tau Foo
Western Food (alter the french fries to egg or veggies).
Mala Xiang Guo.
Kway Zhup.
Zi Char (fish head, stir fried meat, veggies and so on).
Japanese (salmon or saba no rice).

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And naturally, our extremely own

When publishing your own regional keto fare when out dining so others can see what else there is to consume, feel totally free to utilize the hashtag #mariketosg! ❤.

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