What can I compose or state … I enjoy to bake homemade rolls and loaves which’s it! BESTSELLER 2022. – SIMPLE KETO breakfasts, lunches, suppers 60 brand-new dishes !! eBook 15 concepts for a KETO PARTY – eBook Keto Christmas PACKAGE OF 4 KETO EBOOKS 15 % OFF! PACKAGE 5 KETO EBOOKS 20 % off! PACKAGE 6 KETO EBOOKS 25 % off! 6ketopakiet Visit likewise INGREDIENTS 50 g of lupine flour, 15 g of bamboo flour, 30 g of plantain eggshell, 4 eggs, 200 ml of warm water, 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt. Entire macronutrients/ in one bun (5 ): Protein approx. 53/ 11 g, Fat approx. 28/ 5.6 g, Carbohydrates approx. 8.3/ 1.7 g, Calories 578/ 116 kcal I likewise welcome you: Facebook:​​​ Instagram:​​ #prosteKETOprzepisy #ketobułki #ketopieczywo Leave a paw or remark I will be extremely pleased Thanks to your response, this product has a possibility to be viewed by more individuals Thank you for being here. Stay with me longer. SIGN UP FOR MY CHANNEL for more basic and intriguing dishes Thank you for all the virtual coffees!

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