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A fast, healthy breakfast dish! Here’s another dish for low calorie pancakes.

Attempt these low calorie pancakes and you’ll wish to make them every early morning!

banana is a terrific alternative to sugar nevertheless, you can absolutely include no calorie sugar and even routine sugar (a tablespoon) if, naturally, you’re alright with it!
If you require a total calorie breakdown, let me understand in the remarks listed below.

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Here’s the calorie breakdown:.

One little egg: 54 calories.
Half banana: 45 calories.
Low fat milk: 10 calories (2 tablespoon).
All function flour: 28 calories (1 tablespoon).
And I utilized 0 calorie sugar (stevia or any other type) Add a minimum of 3 tablespoon ideally in the batter.

Overall calories= 147.

I made 8 pancakes so 1 would be approximately 18 and for that reason 18 calories each.

Each pancake is 18 calories just!

Take pleasure in!.


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