LEAN WOMAN – Low Calorie Macro Bake – Magic High Volume Macro Bake – Just 225 Calories

Magic Macro Bake Dish.

SUPER high volume.
High Protein.
Low Calorie.
Damn tasty.

Could we request for more?

OH YES – it’s likewise vegetarian friendly!.

Providing the one pan bake that is going to rock your socks off my women!

The LEAN GIRL Magic Macro Bake is essentially the most banging, calorie and flexible friendly method to throw up your preferred veggies and bake ’em up into a yummy, tacky, gratifying meal for a ridonkulously low quantity of calories.

If a quiche, a vegetable bake and a frittata had a love kid – this would be it.

We’re combing all of your macros into one meal – we’ve got protein (a great deal of it), carbohydrates, and fats – making it the best lean body meal to strike all of your macro objectives too!

This magic macro bake is the best meal preparation concept for the week! I really took pleasure in mine over 2 days and popped my huge piece into the air fryer for 8 minutes prior to serving and young boy was it next level great! Perhaps even much better than the day I made it!

This one is going to fall under the lunch/dinner classification in The Kitchen Coach (the supreme meal preparation dish center)- however there is no reason it can’t be produced brekkie too!

I can’t wait to see you women go to town with this one and have a good time with your own flavour mixes !!

Don’t forget to tag me on the gram with your marvelous productions !!!

Happy cooking, and better consuming!

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