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The very best Dan flavoring on the marketplace.
Taste and see why we state “You do not understand till you Dan-O!”

Low Sodium = More Flavor
When utilizing Dan-O’s, you can be a lot more aggressive than you would with other flavorings, due to the fact that you’re not utilizing a lot of salt.

By spraying Dan-O’s strongly we are including taste and enabling the spices and herbs to actually permeate our food, cooking genuine taste into it while not subduing your meal with salt– all while still getting an excellent, natural sea salt taste!

Dan-O’s still has an excellent salt taste due to the fact that we utilize a natural, unrefined sea salt. A lot of other flavorings not just utilize excessive salt, however they likewise utilize inexpensive, chemically broken down salts that are really bad for you.

All the Dan Uses
Why Dan-O’s is one of the most Versatile Seasoning on the marketplace!
Pan sear, grill, smoke, bake, blacken or fry Dan-near anything.
Produce soups, sauces, marinades, and vinaigrette from scratch.
Attempt changing your salt and pepper shakers with Dan-O’s for a week to spray on whatever from eggs, potatoes, pizza, pasta, rice, chili to even casseroles.
Mix Dan-O’s and parmesan cheese in a different bottle for your own Dan great parmesan mix that’s excellent for pizza, pasta, and even on popcorn!

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