Do you expensive Christmas sugary foods however without leaving keto? Well, prepare to make these polvorones and delight in Christmas without missing out on the HC. Do you attempt to attempt them? This is the dish I’ve been making because I’ve been on keto and I actually like it. If you do, you’ll inform me what’s up:-RRB- ✅ ✅ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: THANK YOU VERY MUCH ➡ If you liked this video, I welcome you to see this other one: And I leave you the link to the dish playlist in Spanish: POLVORONES KETO Recipe ideal for keto, ketogenic, regular or lowcarb food. ————————————————– ——- ******** ———————————– ————————– More dishes that might intrigue you: ÑOKIS KETO: t5hWzNOp9P4 & list=PLhTgxvoLGBdGimAyH3kcrOafaHyPWGYhA & index=11 CALDO DE HUESOS: TEQUEÑOS KETO: KETO TORRIJAS: BARBECUE RIBS: BIG MAC KETO: WRAPS WRAP CHALLENGE): & list=PLhTgxvoLGBdFGXezNvkr3FTw1F5rHznY4 & index=6 NACHOS KETO: NEVERA TOUR: 2 ————————————————- ——– ******** ———————————- ————————— Hello, welcome to my channel. Here I am going to reveal you what I consume in a day, what I purchase when I go to the grocery store or some dish that appears fascinating to me. Obviously, all Keto design. I hope you like it, make yourself comfy and remain on my channel through the subscribe button. If you wish to know more about me: here I am every day.

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