Keto buns

Ingredients: (APPROX. 9 PIECES) 125 g almond flour 60 g coconut flour 35 g psyllium husk 20 g chia seeds 20 g MCT-POWDER 1 tsp baking powder 3 egg whites 1 egg yolk 1 pinch salt 325 ml warm water How it works: 1. Warm up your oven 160 degrees flowing air. 2. In a big bowl, blend together almond flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk, MCT powder, baking soda, pepper and salt. 3. Beat the egg whites up until stiff. 4. Mix the beaten egg whites and yolks with the dry components. 5. Slowly include the lukewarm water up until a sticky dough kinds. 6. Present 9 rolls from the dough. Suggestion: It’s much easier with damp hands. ATTENTION: Make sure to blend the dry components well, otherwise the psyllium will clump. 7. Melt the butter and spread it over the buns. If preferred) 8, (& trim. Bake the buns for 40-45 minutes up until golden brown. 9. Let them cool off and after that enjoy your keto buns with e.g. B. pasture butter and salt. ___________________________________________________ ► Shop: ► Blog: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: https:// ► Podcast: ___________________________________________________ We at BRAINEFFECT think that every human is far from tiring their complete capacity. That’s why we’ve made it our objective to take the psychological efficiency of every person to a brand-new level worldwide with the aid of efficiency food. Through ingenious brain food ideas and the everyday inspiration to develop brand-new regimens, we assist you to end up being the very best variation of yourself – no matter what your specific objectives are. Your objectives, our items!

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