Iyengar Yoga-Uttanasana Variations-Standing Forward Bend

Uttanasana is a forward bend. Here we are offering a forward extension to the spine muscles. In order to prevent compression of the spinal column, it is necessary to concave the back to extend the spine muscles, and nerves. This concavity helps in extending the spinal column and fixing the instructions of the spine muscles.

Simply flexing the back without concavity threatens. One requires to develop and extend the spinal column area in between the vertebral joints. In this manner injury can be prevented considering that there is no compression.

Forward flexing in basic assists to eliminate tiredness. Uttanasana is a type of resting position for the heart. The heart remains in an inverted position where pressure on the ventricles is lowered.
The stress on the heart is lowered and one recuperates from psychological and physical tiredness.

The nerve system is toned and blood flow is enhanced. The brain can cool down, which can be a much required assistance for conditions like hypertension, palpitations, anxiety and state of mind swings.

In the asanas provided here we will utilize props in a range of positions to support the abdominal area, head and arms.

Take pleasure in the tranquility that comes! Namaste.

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