International Yoga Day|1.45 lakh individuals did yoga together in Surat|Surat News|Yoga Record|News18

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A record 1.45 lakh individuals carried out yoga all at once in Surat as part of International Yoga Day events. As part of International Yoga Day events, 1.45 lakh individuals did yoga all at once in Surat and developed a record. and world news in Gujarati. Individuals are typically more worried about what is occurring in their yard instead of procedures of the entire world and with that believed in mind, this channel works constantly to bring all crucial and possible news from the nation and around the world to its audiences in Gujarati. Delight in crucial news of Gujarat and house and abroad in our own language Gujarati just on News18 Gujarati news. This channel gives the audiences crucial news from every corner of Gujarat and throughout the day in our own language Gujarati. #news 18gujaratilive #gujaratinews 18 #gujaratsamacharnews 18 Subscribe our channel for the current news updates: Follow us on: Website- Twitter-https:// Facebook-

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