International Yoga Day 2023: This time yoga was likewise carried out in water, see images. R Bharat

International Yoga Day 2023: Every year on 21 June, International Yoga Day is commemorated all over the world. Yoga is the identity of our India. Which is carried out in India for lots of centuries. Yoga got global status after India’s effort and it was embraced by the universe. #internationalyogaday #internationalyogday #internationalyogaday 2023 #pmmodi #babaramdev #rbharatlive ———————————— —————————————————- ————————————– Disclaimer: Republic Media Network might offer material through third-party sites, running systems, websites, and platforms (‘ Third-Party Platforms’). Republic does not manage and has no liability for Third-Party Platforms, consisting of content hosted, ads, security, operation, performance, or schedule. —————————————————- —————————————————- ————————— Republic India is the top news channel of the nation. There is a gold mine of breaking news, politics, sports and home entertainment associated to the general public interest of the world and the nation. To reach this treasure, remain gotten in touch with Republic India and subscribe. ► R. Bharat television – India’s no. 1 Hindi news channel keeps you upgraded with non-stop LIVE and breaking news. See the most recent reports on political news, sports news, home entertainment, and far more. For more news and updates visit our main site: Like Republic Bharat Facebook page to get in touch with us on Social Media: ► Follow The Republic Bharat on Twitter: ► Follow Republic Bharat on Instagram: ► Follow Republic Bharat on Koo: ► https://www.kooapp. com/profile/republic _ india.

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