How to Structure an Exercises Exercise #shorts

The Flat Belly Code

Here’s a design template for developing an exercises exercise for both strength and structural balance (Complete body edition).

* there are numerous methods to develop an exercise regimen. This is simply one alternative *.

First-Up: Warm-up & Mobility.
See my “Gym Phase I Recommend Skipping” for the 3 parts of an excellent warm-up.

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For today’s exercise, we will be utilizing supersets. When you match 2 various workouts back to back with very little rest in between (you take the rest after doing both workouts), supersets are.

First Superset: Pair one horizontal pulling motion with a horizontal pressing motion. Example: Row + Push-Up, Tuck BL + RTO Push-Up.

Second Superset: Do a vertical pulling workout with a vertical pressing workout. Example: Pull-Up + Dip, z-press + muscle-up.

3rd Superset: Lower body.
You might do Squats + Hip Thrusts, or simply Squats if you’re lacking time, OR you might deal with your movement with high step-ups and long lunges. See my “Wan na be Strong & Mobile” reel for workout choices.

Core: Finish with core such as L-sit raises, Seated Leg Lifts, V-Sits, L-Sits, Hollowbody Rocks. and so on.

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Stretch: General extending of the entire body, then focused extending on the locations you require to deal with.

The associates and sets are figured out by your individual objectives, which I went over in my “Programming Calisthenics” reel.

Do not wish to program on your own? Do my complimentary “In Gym Beginner Calisthenics exercise regimen” link in bio or discover it at

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