How to Prepare Healthy Plant-Based Meals Without Oil (Complete Class)

This is a complete class video discussion by Evita Ochel ( that discusses the health factors to consider of utilizing oils and how to make entire food, plant-based meals without any oils of any kind.

Evita’s 7-Hour Video Cooking Course:

Video Topics & Time Chapters
– Introduction (0:00).
— What healthy plant-based consuming suggests: vegan vs. plant-based (2:15).
– Part 1: Why Oils Are a Problem (6:43).
— How to decrease health threats connected with oil usage (16:52).
— Why heating oils is an issue (21:10).
– Part 2: How to Cook Without OilsHealthy plant-based cooking approaches without oils (27:50).
— Safest pots and pans choices (37:00).
— Healthy plant-based meals without oils (42:55).
– Further resources (51:05).
— Article: Why oils are not part of an entire food plant-based diet plan:
— Recipes (oil-free):
— Forks Over Knives Oil Information:

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