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This exercise series integrates both strength training + cardio, which is the most reliable method to burn lean and back fat up at the exact same time. Do this frequently to accomplish lead to 4 – 6 weeks time!

1) Bent-Over Row.
Active Rest: Jumping Jacks.
2) Plank Row.
Active Rest: Side Step Shuffle.
3) Reverse Fly.
Active Rest: Sprint Step.
4) Superman.
Active Rest: Mountain Climber.

Series: 8 Intervals (45secs each period).
Overall Time: 15 minutes (2 sets).
1 minute rest in between sets.
Finest Results: Do this exercise 2 – 3 times weekly on alternate days. Integrate this with overall body exercises!

Novices, if you have a hard time to maintain, do relax throughout the “active rest” and return into the exercise when you’re all set. Keep doing this exercise and you’ll just get more powerful and development week by week.

To advance:.
– Perform 3-4 sets.
– Lift some weights to make the workouts harder.
– Choose the advance variation.

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