“Healthy” food that can hurt your teeth #shorts

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Dried fruits usually have lots of sugar contributed to maintain it longer. When a fruit is dried, you tend to consume more as the volume is smaller sized, which increases your sugar consumption! As all of us understand, sugar results in dental caries.
✅ Opt for FRESH fibrous fruits rather to keep yourself and your TEETH healthy!

Vinegar and Citrus are ACIDIC. Which can use down the protective external layer of your teeth, triggering teeth hypersensitivity!
✅ Rinse instantly after taking in acidic food to remove the acidic compounds and safeguard your teeth from disintegration & tooth level of sensitivity!

Energy bar and pretzels are typically loaded with carbs along with surprise sugar/salt to keep your energy level up. They likewise get stuck in between your teeth quickly, which is tough to tidy which can cause dental caries!
✅ Opt for natural options like including beans & sugar-free granola to your diet plan to increase your protein consumption without the additional sugar!

Flavoured yogurt typically have lots of sugar and sweeteners contributed to it, which can cause dental caries.
✅ Take plain yogurt rather and include fresh fruits rather to sweeten them up! Yogurt includes excellent germs, which can assist keep you healthy too!

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