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On today’s episode of Live Lean Television, I’m sharing the healthiest foods at Subway and the worst high calorie alternatives. Keep in mind: the video was recorded back in 2012, nevertheless I’ve tried to upgrade the nutrition info based upon updates Subway has actually made to their menu. You can take a look at the upgrade on the blog site:
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I wagered numerous of you would state Subway if I asked which quickly food dining establishment is the healthiest. Does that mean Subway is really healthy for you?

Well, after evaluating Subway’s nutrition and component info, you might be shocked with my findings. I need to confess, I was quite stunned when I discovered a few of the active ingredients Subway was utilizing in their food.

Keep in mind, macronutrients and calories are necessary, however they are simply one part of the nutrition formula. You likewise need to take a look at the active ingredients that enter into the food.

Well when I took a look at all the active ingredients Subway provides, I just discovered 5 fresh one component foods. To assist keep in mind these 5 fresh active ingredients at Subway, think about the acronym, C-Bolt.

5 fresh active ingredients at Subway:
C– cucumber
B– bell peppers
O– onions
L– lettuce
T– tomato

The healthiest foods at Subway and the worst:
Keep in mind: the following healthiest foods discussed in the video were from 2012. Ever since Subway has brand-new food alternatives. I’ve shared those over on the post:

Finest healthy Subway salad: Turkey Breast Salad (through 2012):.
Nutrition realities:.
Calories: 110.
Protein: 12g.
Carbohydrates: 12g.
Fat: 2g.

Do not hesitate to include the oil and red white wine vinegar dressing to the salad. A teaspoon serving of this oil and vinegar dressing would include an additional 45 calories and 5 grams of fat.

Macronutrient breakdown is as follows:.
– 43% of calories originates from protein.
– 43% of calories originates from carbs.
– 16% of calories originates from fat.

Will 110 calories fill you up? I understand it would not fill me up. Based upon this, another greater calorie, much healthier option is a 6 inch turkey breast sandwich.

Finest healthy Subway sandwich: 6 inch turkey breast sandwich including:.
– 9-grain wheat bread.
– Cucumber.
– Bell peppers.
– Onion.
– Lettuce.
– Tomato.
– Yellow mustard.

Nutrition realities:.
Calories: 250.
Protein: 18g.
Carbohydrates: 40g.
Fat: 3g.
Salt: 650mg.

Macronutrient breakdown is as follows.
– 29% of calories originates from protein.
– 64% of calories originates from carbs.
– 11% of calories originates from fat.

Based upon this macronutrient ratio, it’s truly not that well balanced of a meal. Plus, who would truly feel pleased and complete off of a 250 calorie meal?

Bottom line on the healthiest foods at Subway:.
A lot of low calorie salads, like the 110 calorie turkey breast salad, will not fill you up. A 110 calorie meal sounds excellent for weight loss, if it simply makes you binge on unhealthy foods later on, you put yourself at a greater danger of being over your day-to-day calorie requirements. If the turkey breast salad does fill you up, and your objective is weight loss, go with it.

The 3 worst Subway sandwiches consist of the footlong:.
– Chicken and bacon cattle ranch melt with cheese.
– Spicy Italian.
– Meatball marinara.

The important things that makes these 3 Subway sandwiches the worst are they are much greater in salt and greater in calories.


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