Easy Grilled Chicken dish healthy cooking/ Chicken steak Sous Vide/Steak Ayam/thermomixtm6

Easy Grilled Chicken leg dish utilizing Sous vide technique, with low temperature level cooking, can have juicy and tender meat. Enjoy action by action how to do the cooking by this technique. I made the peppercorns sauce by utilizing 3 kinds of peppers, white, black and Sichuan, extremely tasty. This Grilled Chicken leg dish utilizes the Sous vide technique, which is a low temperature level cooking technique that produces not dry and soft meat. Please enjoy action by action cooking with this technique. I likewise made the sauce, particularly peppercorn sauce which is made from 3 kinds of pepper, white, black and Sichuan. Scrumptious. Please follow my Instagram: www.instagram.com/vincas_kitchen Twitter: @Vinca’s Kitchen #grilledchicken #thermomixtm 6 #sousvide #easygrilledchickenleg #thermomixrecipes

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