Do You Want to Try a Fat Loss Challenge?

Do you wish to attempt a weight loss obstacle with me? It’s extremely easy and I ensure that it’ll work.
Here it is – It’s the let’s just consume entire foods for the next 30 days obstacle.

Terrible name, however for 30 days, we can’t consume any ultra-processed foods at all No chips, crackers, cookies, pasta, donuts, sweet, pizza, treat bars, canned food – absolutely nothing packaged at all.

We’re going to keep it easy and adhere to meat – so beef, hamburger, and seafood are best. I ‘d prevent chicken and pork, however eggs are terrific.

We’ll have filled fats like coconut oil, tallow, butter, or ghee.

We can even have fruit, like oranges, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, or perhaps pineapple.

And you wish to have veggies ensure you prepare them in those formerly discussed hydrogenated fats – absolutely nothing raw.

You can likewise have raw dairy, like raw cheese or milk.

That’s it. 30-days of no ultra-processed food. You will see unbelievable outcomes. And let me understand how it goes.

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