#keto #dietaketo #dietacetogenica INGREDIENTS 1 loaf of bread here is the dish: 1 cup of syrup sugar complimentary 140 grams of panela cheese 1/3 cup of sliced walnuts 1/4 cup of saltless peanuts 5 sachets of sweetener 3-4 tablespoons of dehydrated coconut 750 ml of water 2 sticks of cinnamon 2 pieces of aniz estrella butter to toast the bread MACROS FOR THE ENTIRE CAPIROTADA (DIVIDE INTO THE PORTIONS THAT COME OUT) NET CARBS: 34g FAT: 200 PROTEIN: 104 CALORIES: 3089 PRODUCTS I USE MCT OIL POWDER: CHOCOLATE FLAVOR COLLAGEN: (DISCOUNT CODE: MONICARUIZ15) RASPBERRY FLAVOR ELECTROLYTES: https:// COLLAGEN FOR VANILLA FLAVOR COFFEE: BOX WITH KETO PRODUCTS (THE KETO BOX) b= 1052555 & u= 2324926 & m= 73710 & urllink= & afftrack= STEVIA: COFFEE: MIXER: https://amzn. to/2VqqtdU/ FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL NETWORKS: INSTAGRAM: PERSONAL INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TikTok:

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