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Hello Everyone,
I am Amita Singh, enthusiastic about food and foods of India.
This youtube channel is for food fan like you all who wishes to learn more about food dishes.
In this youtube video i have actually revealed you how to make keto diet plan food butter garlic mushroom dish or Garlic mushrooms. Its simple and fast and very healthy. Mushrooms are excellent source of protein & fibers. Apart from that Mushrooms are the leading source of the antioxidant nutrient selenium in the fruit and vegetables aisle. Anti-oxidants, like selenium, safeguard body cells from damage that may result in persistent illness and assist to reinforce the body immune system. Keto Mushroom Stir Fry dish assists us to increase our immune system.It is an easy Mushroom dish which can be made within 5 minutes. Attempt these garlic mushrooms and enjoy this one of finest immune increasing dishes.
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