Buffalo Rice Bowl (Low Calorie High Protein)

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Macros whole pan: 645 calories, 76C, 17F, 50P
180g Ground beef 95/5
50g rice raw
200g bell pepper
100g carrot
50g onion
2g garlic powder
1g cumin
salt, pepper to taste
4g oil

40g hot sauce
2g cornstarch
5g honey
20g water
1 wedge laughing cow

Start with making the rice. Slice up all the veggies. Mix into a little glass hot sauce, cornstarch, water, and honey.

Include oil to a pan on medium heat and begin frying the veggies for 4-5 minutes, include a little pinch of salt.

Make area in the pan, include another touch of oil and after that share the beef. Spread it with the spatula and include salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. After 1 minute mix whatever so the spices get toasted. After another minute of frying include the laughing and the sauce cow cheese and mix till integrated for another 30 seconds.

Include the prepared rice to the pan and mix. Leading it with cilantro. Done!

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