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How do farming animals live? In Friederike Schmitz’s workshops, trainees experience how little area a fattening pig has. The movie reveals that there are options to this type of farming that take the animals’ wellness into account.

Friederike Schmitz performs workshops with school classes to assist kids find out how farming animals live. Friedrich Mülln discovers farming scandals. And Tobias Leenaert, the creator of ProVeg International, is persuaded that the vegan motion will not get anywhere with arguments alone.

In the conversation it ends up being clear that grownups and kids see things similar method: Everyone sympathizes with animals and all of us think humanity is hurrying towards an environment catastrophe. Altering our habits is still challenging.

Friederike Schmitz assesses what provides her hope – and what makes her doubt. Friedrich Mülln, the creator of SOKO Tierschutz, speaks about what has actually inspired him to put himself in threat for animals considering that he was 13 years of ages – and why his real challengers are not the slaughterhouses, however the customers who set this chain of occasions in movement. Activist Tobias Leenaert survives on a farm in Belgium with freed and saved pigs, ducks, chickens and a turkey that likes to take a look at itself in the mirror. He is persuaded that the vegan motion will not get anywhere with arguments alone. Rather, the motion requires to accept compromise: Many individuals who decrease their intake have more impact than a couple of hardliners. He discusses why it’s so tough for individuals to alter their habits – and why in some cases the tasty option needs to exist initially, for us to end up being responsive to an ethical argument.

‘ The Great Meat Debate’ Playlist (5-Part Series): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLovlAKbQVz6DEnhUYPihYBKZtYfKsvAEU&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE
Part 1: Factory farming, animal well-being and the future of contemporary farming – https://youtu.be/6VOqNVt_cmM
Part 2: Do we require to consume meat? – https://youtu.be/hKs7fidCWMA
Part 3: Ethics and meat intake – https://youtu.be/eF9sqj6CfG4
Part 4: The world of meat replaces – https://youtu.be/5Vq03gYWiXE
Part 5: A vegan way of life: Is it the future? – https://youtu.be/T0x7tD9TThQ

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