A vegan household|what we consume in day

Hello Mamitas! Today I wish to reveal you what we consumed in one day as a vegan household! Our veggie nutrition is a blaze of colors, tastes and goodness that fills us with energy and joy! From breakfast loaded with fresh fruit and crispy cereals, to lunch with scrumptious beans and veggies meals, to incredibly delicious supper with a mix of veggie proteins. Do not believe we’re missing out on something, on the contrary! Vegan food has plenty of imaginative and scrumptious surprises, which enable us to explore brand-new tastes and look after our world and animals. Here are a few of our options for the day: Breakfast: – toasted bread with peanut butter and fresh fruit Lunch: – Pesto spelled salad with beans Dinner: – veg cutlet and potatoes with Forno Every meal is a chance to nurture body and soul, and to show that a vegan diet plan has plenty of flavour, imagination and total nutrition. Are you prepared to find brand-new tastes and accept a sustainable and ethical way of life? You are the real queens of the table! Enjoy the video to see all our meals and leave a remark with your preferred vegan dishes! Share this message of love for animals, for the world and for ourselves! #famigliavegana #alimentazionevegetale #stiledivitaetico #sostenibilità #veganlife #mammevegane #cucinavegana #ricettevegane #colazionevegana #lunchvegano #cenavegana #amoreperglianimali #respect for the environment #eating healthy #mammesalute

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