6 HIIT Cardio Workout With Warmup 20 minutes Burn fat

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Cardio workouts bodyweight exercise are necessary workouts to burn whole body fat rapidly with warm-up workouts – in your home! No devices
In this high-intensity cardio bodyweight exercise from a fitness instructor, you’ll surge your heart rate with high-knees, quick feet, and star dives; plus work your core and lower body with leaping slabs and lunges – in your home! No devices required cardio exercise every day

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00:00|Dive Step Up Hiit
00:22|Dive Rope Cardio
00:43|Tuck Jump Hiit
01:12|Burpees Cardio
01:45|Reach through plank Hit
02:06|Rowing Machin Cardio
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#Maniac _ Muscle.

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