12 Minute Resistance Band Emom Workout|Condition and Burn Fat in the house!

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Searching for a fast house exercise to develop strength, burn fat, and get toned? Offer this complete body emom exercise a shot!

EMOM means every minute on the minute, which suggests that we will start a brand-new workout at the top of every minute. The objective is to finish the designated representative count for each workout in under 1 minute, and after that utilize the rest of the period to rest and setup your next workout!

This is a basic emom exercise that you can do in the house utilizing just resistance bands, and ideal for all physical fitness levels!

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Clench Fit – Weekly Workouts


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Our Preferred Equipment:

Clench Resistance Bands:
41- Inch Loop Resistance Bands

Anchor Strap:
Clench Anchor Strap

Wall Anchors:
Wall Anchor

Worth Bundles:
Value Bundles


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12 Minute Resistance Band Emom Workout|Condition and Burn Fat in the house!

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